About Us

SN Dabson art is a family run business with a home studio located in Destin Florida. 
Meet the Family!
  • Staci (The Artist): Staci creates all the original work you see on the site along with designing our clothing, stickers, and accessories. She spends most of her time covered in paint and listening to 90's punk music. 


  • Tom (Business Manager/Handyman): Tom manages all aspects of the business. He assures orders arrive on time, the site stays up to date, and that all of our information is recorded accurately. Additionally he builds and stains all of our custom frames. When he can get away from the business he spends his time riding motorcycles and brewing beer. 


  • Tommy (HR/Office Gossip/Quality Control): Tommy mostly yells at us while we try to get work done. He makes sure that we don't stay too focused on work and make time to play. He assures high quality paintings by yelling at Staci until she gets them right and letting Tom know if they aren't up to par before listing them online.