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SN Dabson Art

"Dominator" 5'6' Firewire Dominator

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Dominator was painted in 2022 on a 5'6" Firewire Dominator short board. While this board had minimal damage at one time, it has been professionally repaired, is watertight, and is ready to return to the water. It has a multi fin set up that can be ridden in whatever way the owner decides. 

You can see a review on this board here: Review: The Dominator by Firewire - Surfd

This board would make a great addition to an art collection or as functional art for surfers. You can put wax over the artwork if desired; and SN Dabson Art can make recommendations on ways to hang this on your wall for decor.

Please note- Surfboards are available for shipping by contacting us directly at 928-201-8929 or via email at Shipping is based on current prices through UPS.