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SN Dabson Art

Inflorescence 24x36 Original

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"Inflorescence" was created with the idea of encouraging body positivity and sexual empowerment With this I wanted to challenge the typical "victorias secret" stereotype that every woman must fit within this narrow box in order to be considered "sexy." I wanted to show the beauty of the female form and the innate connection we have with the environment we are in. Much of my work over the past year has focused on the idea of humans interaction with their environment and how much impact our environments can have on our wellbeing. My goal is to inspire people to allow themselves to fully exist in environments that foster growth, creativity, and connection to oneself. Inflorescence tells the story of discovering one's true nature, opening up their minds to new possibilities, and fully accepting the beauty of one's own self. We are all incredibly beautiful, unique, and deserving of love and acceptance. 

24x36 acrylic painting on 1.5 gallery wrapped canvas with a handbuilt wooden frame, stained black. 

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