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SN Dabson Art

Queen Bee

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This 5'9" Pyzel surfboard came to us in 2022 with quite a bit of damage. It had been punctured by a rock, patched with stickers, and covered in spray paint. After a ton of repair, cleaning, and a bit of luck we were able to restore her to begin painting. While she is watertight, there are a number of pressure dents that may not make this the most comfortable ride. We recommend Queen Bee be utilized as an art piece, but that's totally up to you! 

Queen Bee is inspired by the connection between humanity and the world we live in. As we care for our environment, our environment cares for us. Humanity is depicted as a mermaid both because Mermaids are awesome, but also because I believe that we are all a little magical underneath. 


*please note that surfboards are only available to purchase in person at this time. If you would like to discuss shipping options give us a call at 928-201-8929.